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Best Practice vs Better Practice – Testing and Refining SOPs

There are layers of gems in this recent Forbes article, which focuses on how to affect change in a “slow-to-change” arena such as government. The article by Eliza Berman was originally published in the Daily Muse.

We love this view of best practice vs. better practice.
“…the idea that something is the best implies that it can’t be topped. It suggests that you’ve searched exhaustively. It assumes that the application of a principle in one setting will work just as well in another. The notion of best practices is on the right track, but if you really want to affect change, you’ll have to adjust your target to better practices. It’s not just semantics; it’s a complete reframing of the goal.”
This could not be more true. “Best practice” exists in theory but business exists in reality. To develop actionable policies and SOPs you need content that aims for the best but encompasses business reality.
And, as Berman makes clear, this is ongoing. “Best” means you have reached the top. “Better” means there is room to grow and change which is what your SOPs will need to do to stay relevant and meaningful.