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Client Success Story: Bluegrass Community Family Practice

“Having all our standard operating procedures (SOPs) accessible at our fingertips is better for our patients and better for our staff. Zavanta has saved us time, improved accuracy and confidence, and reduced stress,” -Dr. Brian Sosnin
In a recent interview, staff at Bluegrass Community Family Practice shared how Zavanta SOP software from COMPROSE Inc has been integral to their “Culture of Excellence” initiative, helping them to improve practice efficiency and staff productivity as well as helping them keep up with the significant increase in patients accessing their care in the wake of the Affordable Care Act.
Bluegrass Community Family Practice is a primary physician and urgent care facility located in Bardstown, Kentucky that provides services to several surrounding counties.   The Affordable Care Act had a positive impact on their business, bringing with it more patients. This was a happy challenge for the practice, but it also meant that they had to develop systems to aid in improving efficiency, standardizing operations, and scaling their business in order to meet the new demands.  They Launched a “Culture of Excellence” program using Zavanta as the platform for creating, sharing and managing the supporting polices and procedures. This was a vital piece of the puzzle for them allowing them to successfully scale and feel in control of the growth at the same time. The office runs more smoothly and the workload can be managed because of the time they have put into writing SOPs and making them accessible to the entire staff.