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Keeping up with constantly-changing regulations

In many industries, regulatory compliance is a major challenge. Not only must you demonstrate you have policies and procedures in place, you must also ensure employees are using them to take the right actions. Because regulations change constantly, its critical that employees have up-to-date policies and SOPs.

An increasing number of P&P-related products have come onto the market addressing everything from document management to validation to workflow. And still, in well-meaning attempts to comply, most organizations continue to waste time and money, churning out documents that no one uses! Maintenance continues to be a nightmare.   

Zavanta' structured approach breaks through the limitations of conventional approaches. Our clients – as well as their auditors and regulators – love the user-friendly results.

Zavanta has enabled organizations to operationalize:

  • OCC, BSA, NFIP, CFPB regulations
  • NCUA regulations
  • CAP, JCAHO, URAC accreditation
  • ISO 9000 standards
  • FDA, OSHA, EH&S 
"When the inspector walked in the door and saw how organized things were this just set up their expectation about how easy it was going to be to go through the audit. They finished in half the time planned."
Jessi Gunther
Quality Manager
Covenant Surgical Partners

Operationalizing compliance

Bridge the gap between "official" policies and
what people actually do everyday.


Essential features for compliance knowledge transfer.

With Zavanta, anyone can create SOPs and policies that are so clear, anyone can follow them and take the right action, always. Key features include:

  • Easy-to-search Employee Portal. Non-technical users can do it themselves without IT 
  • Audit trail and change tracking
  • Linkage between standards and related policies and procedures
  • Review/approval workflow
Code of Conduct example portal

Are people using policies and SOPs? Now you'll know.

Some regulations, and recent DOJ guidelines, require proof that employees are using policies and procedures.

With Zavanta's Read Verify feature, employees sign off that they have read the content and understand it. 

Zavanta's Dashboard Analytics let you see usage statistics on specific policies, search results, Read Verify results and more. With our Analytics Data Feeds service, you get a weekly results file that you can import into your Business Intelligence tools.  

Manager reviewing policy and procedure usage analytics

Compliance and Accreditation

Zavanta Use Cases

Auditor shaking hands with manager.

A community bank received numerous negative citations from auditors for gaps and deficiencies in their controls. Their existing policies and procedures were difficult to follow and full of inconsistencies. Policies were often intermixed with procedures. Auditors wanted the bank to correct these deficiencies prior to a follow up review.

Zavanta’s built-in structure helped them avoid the mistakes of the past with their ad hoc approach. During the follow-up review, their auditors “loved” the results and praised the new approach. 

Abstract digital e-commerce image

A Midwest E-commerce provider, a recognized expert in IT security standards, developed compliance policies and procedures for their clients as part of their services offering. 

In the words of their Director of Compliance Services:

. . . Our last audit was the easiest I’ve ever been through.  The auditors commented our P&Ps were “best implementation of Policy and Procedure documentation they had seen anywhere.”

photo of a truck

The General Manager for a full-service transportation company provides quality and safety training to their clients.  Utilizing our Zavanta software, they created over 1200 procedures and position guides encompassing all facets of their operations. 

The Zavanta-generated documentation helped them pass a critical Shell Canada audit.  At the time, they were only the 2nd bulk agency to pass this audit. 

manager reviewing paperwork

One of our manufacturing customers used Zavanta software to create and deploy a comprehensive and easy-to-understand “Safety System.”  

Because the company could demonstrate that they not only had strict safety procedures in place, but also that everyone understood and was USING the procedures, they were twice exonerated from liability lawsuits—literally saving the company millions of dollars in fines and legal fees.


Everyone benefits.

Operations across the organization is more transparent.
Everyone understands their role and how their actions impact compliance.

employee icon


Employees can look up how to do any task or policy from any device, 24/7. They are more confident; they work smarter, and make good decisions.



You have a single system to manage with, train from, and automate compliance. No more re-inventing the wheel when standards change or a new regulation needs to be implemented.

compliance officer icon

Compliance Officers

Zavanta tracks every change and provides audit trails as well as attestation and testing. It's easy to show proof that employees understand and are actually using policies and SOPs.



Auditors and regulators love the results. Policies, procedures are thorough and separated into well-organized units. Audits are typically completed in half the expected time.

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IT / Security Teams

Our security meets the corporate enterprise requirements. Zavanta's User Management automation and tools streamline management of hundreds or thousands of users.


Training Staff

Capture SOP and policy content to use in creating consistent training. Easily create tests and report results. Link SOPs and policies into an LMS or other applications.


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