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How to Grow Your Business Without Spiraling Out of Control


Growth is a BIG topic for today’s business leaders in organizations of all sizes, industries. If you’re already on a fast trajectory or in expansion mode, you’ve probably experienced some of the operational challenges in scaling an organization.
Here’s what your C-level peers are telling us:
“We still operate off tribal knowledge.”
“There’s no standardization. What takes one person two hours to do might take someone else four hours.”
“It takes FOREVER to get anything done around here.”
Growing BEFORE you have the right structure, consistent processes, and an efficient way to transfer operational knowledge is a recipe for disaster. Things can get out of control and escalate quickly, especially if there are lots of people and moving parts to orchestrate. It’s difficult to make course corrections later.
Fortunately, the operations problems that are barriers to growth are avoidable. The challenge is, they are often invisible. Many organizations go years – even decades – tolerating known operational issues without ever making significant headway. This problem finally gets attention when a major change or triggering event happens, such as expansion. Even the larger organizations suddenly find themselves in panic mode. 

To learn more about how creating SOPs and systems can support growth objectives, click here to download our white paper.