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What is the difference between Policy and Procedure? Test your knowledge!

When writing policies and procedures, it is critical to understand which content is Policy and which content is Procedure to ensure usability and ongoing maintenance and tracking. Many of our customers have told us they know regulators and auditors hate to see Policy mixed with Procedure in company procedures manuals and corporate training material, but they are unsure about how to separate them. In an earlier post Avoiding Common Pitfalls: Don’t mix up Policies and Procedure (How tos) , we covered the difference between Process, Procedure, Work Instruction and Policy and why its so important that they be in separate documents. Now, here’s a chance to test your knowledge. Do you know the difference between Policy and Procedure?

We challenge you to take our quiz!

For each of the examples below, decide if the topic is a Policy, Process, Procedure, or Work Instruction. HINT: For a couple, the correct answer may depend on the situation or size organization.

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  • Acceptable Internet Usage
  • Building a Jeep Wrangler
  • Month End Closing (Finance & Accounting Department)
  • Printing a Report
  • Installing a Printer Driver
  • Filling Customer Orders
  • Credit Terms and Collection Guidelines

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