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How to Modernize Your Policy and Procedure Communication


Is your organization wasting time and money developing policies and procedures that no one uses?
Organizations that integrate clear policy and procedure communication into everyday life realize improved quality, reduced training / turnover costs, and a more empowered workforce. (Results like: 75% error reduction, 50% reduction in employee onboarding time are NOT uncommon)
So, the potential value is therebut there’s STRONG evidence that most organizations never achieve it, especially when many employees readily admit that they don’t trust or understand “the official P&P manual.”

This is extremely disheartening considering it probably took [insert very large number here] days or months to create “the official manual”.
Even with all the available tools and technologies, far too many organizations continue to give employees manuals and policy procedure documents that only further confuse and frustrate them.

In this short article you’ll learn:
  • Why most organizations don’t get the results they want
  • Why too many corporate policies and procedures are still stuck in the 1980s
  • The root cause of this problem & why most technology “bells and whistles” won’t fix it
  • Proven tips for making your policies and procedures user-friendly (it’s probably not what you think)

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