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Risk Management



Mitigate risk, ensure quick response if a crisis happens

User-friendly policies and procedures form the foundation for risk management. If done right, they can be invaluable in helping to identify potential risks and train employees on what to do.  

But getting people engaged and wanting to interact with policies and procedures is a challenge many organizations never overcome. Most of the available products and tools for policy and procedure management are based on old paradigms. They lack the structure and controls to ensure content is always consistent, clear, and accurate.  

Zavanta sets a new standard. You get essential automation and a policy procedures system employees want to use. 

Zavanta has helped organizations across all industries: 

  • Meet regulatory compliance, reduce risk
  • Standardize employee training
  • Integrate their code of conduct into their culture and operations
  • Ensure core knowledge doesn't walk out the door 

Integrated Risk Management:

Break through knowledge silos


Consistent process communication, risk factors built in.

With Zavanta, you can easily document your organization's risk management policy and incorporate risk factors directly into work procedures.

  • Periodic reviews are automated, on a schedule
  • Policies and SOPs can be linked to applicable standards
  • All the knowledge employees need is accessible in an Employee Portal
IT group reviewing Business Continuity plan

Continuous monitoring of policy and procedure usage.

From authoring, through reviews, and publishing, Zavanta gives you visibility to the entire process. Create drafts, manage sign-offs. Everything is accessible in the Employee Portal.  

  • Audit trail and change tracking
  • Employee read verification
  • Review/Approval automation
  • Standardized authoring
  • Everything organized, in one place
manager reviewing usage analytics on a laptop computer

Risk Management

Zavanta Use Cases

workers in manufacturing plant

One of our manufacturing customers saved themselves from two separate multi-million dollar lawsuits using the Zavanta to create an easy-to-understand “Safety System.”  Their operation involved high-liability equipment, and they had strict OSHA compliance standards to meet.

Because the company could demonstrate that they not only had strict safety procedures in place, but also that everyone understood and was USING the procedures, they were twice exonerated from liability lawsuits.

patient in hospital bed

A large hospital was experiencing difficulties training employees on their new medication dispensing machines. Employees lacked consistent training.

Using Zavanta, they were able to create clear SOPs that standardized their training and reduce the error rate using the new machines. 


Everyone benefits.

You have a system and an environment that enables everyone across the organization to be proactive,
prepared for anything that comes along – good or bad.



Expectations are clearly communicated so employees are more confident; they work smarter, make good decisions. Job satisfaction goes up because everyone understands how they fit into the big picture.



Rest easy, intellectual capital is protected, backup plans are documented. Zavanta captures knowledge from key employees and transforms it into useful information others can use.


Compliance Officers

Zavanta tracks every change and provides audit trails as well as attestation and testing. On average you can expect audit time reductions of 50% or more.



Auditors and regulators love the results. The high-quality of policies and procedures goes a long way in building their confidence.


IT / Security Teams

Technology teams have a system to capture and communicate IT and cybersecurity policies and procedures. The Zavanta platform meets enterprise security requirements.


Training Department

Zavanta's structured authoring enables organizations to create consistent training but capturing SOP and policies. Easily create tests and report results. Link SOPs into LMS and applications employees use every day.


Discover what Zavanta can do for you.